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The Integral Body

Radically Aligning Mind, Body & Spirit



When we find ourselves in physical pain, dis-ease, emotional upheaval, psychological blockage or a time of overwhelming stress, we are given a unique opportunity to discover a heightened sense of peace and happiness by overcoming whatever unique obstacles have been provided for us by the system of nature. Without proper guidance, however, it can be very difficult to envision our personal potential as a productive human being, not in spite of, but as a direct result of the challenges we are given to overcome.


Enter Sarah and her gift for uncovering the origin of your complications. Understanding that you are a complete organism comprised of more than your current set of symptoms, Sarah will help to identify deficiencies and their root, transforming them into newly discovered opportunities for fulfillment. Guiding you through a process of rehabilitation and self-discovery, she helps to construct an environment (physical and emotional) that will enable and encourage your newly balanced organism to make consistently healthy contributions to this life that we all share. Sarah’s approach is governed by her understanding that “every crisis is just a dissonance between where you’ve been and where you want to go.”

Change your breath

Change your mind


Change your mind

Change your body


Change your body 

Change your life

The Integral Body method is an integrated system that approaches healing in 3 phases which brings a person to optimal physical and emotional balance.












'I came to Sarah’s work at a time when I needed to make big life changes and like a quiet storm she empowered me to make them and find balance, empathy and gratitude in the process.'


'Sarah was able to break down the scar tissue and then, through various movement exercises, restore my back to good health. I am now free of pain, stand straighter, have conquered a severely strained tennis shoulder and feel stronger and better than I did 50 years ago, when I was 26. Since I’m reluctant to assign higher power status to anyone I wouldn’t say that Sarah is a miracle worker, but she comes pretty darn close.'


‘After class I feel calm, mentally clear, aligned, stable and balanced.
During class it’s as if being suspended in space and my body is floating and moving in unknown ways. Sarah has created a method that distills the human body into a small silver marble that spins, rotates and rolls its way to perfect equilibrium. This ultimately causes the bones, muscles, nerves, and organs to fall into their respective places. Creating positive conditions for injury rehabilitation, opening blocks and releasing toxins. This class gives the opportunity for the entire body to bring itself into its perfect balance.’

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About Sarah

I am a designer, an architect, an engineer, a teacher, a healer, a mover and an artist. Over the past 2 decades I have developed The Integral Body; a method that integrates Pilates, Yogic therapy, GYROTONICⓇ and embodied physics/architecture and Biometaphysical energy healing into a next level regimen that treats the body/mind/spirit complex as one whole integral system. 

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