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The human body/mind/spirit complex is a fully integrated organism which works according to the fixed natural law of interconnectedness. The integral body is a method designed according to this natural law, which brings harmony and balance to the human organism


When treated according to this holistic law, a new quality emerges. This quality is one that we have forgotten in yesterday’s world of separation, isolation, over-working and overwhelming the systems while treating it like a kit of disparate parts. The Integral Body was developed over two decades of working with hundreds of injured and disjointed bodies in need of healing and wholeness. My own injury prompted a new way of dealing with the body that previous methods weren’t addressing. Methods that worked great for me before my accident were no longer serving my needs and left me in pain, with greater confusion and disillusioned to whether my body could ever feel “right” again. 


As I started to create The Integral Body within myself I started to feel my body melting away the layers of trauma, disbalance, stress and strain and started to feel once again whole, and yes, “right’. I also couldn't help but notice I was finally able to see definition and tone in areas that were as if sleeping for the years following my injury. Like with a baby, that if you treat it with love and kindness, your will get back exactly what you have invested in it. I invite you to come and experience this quality of wholeness once again, like coming home.

The Integral Body method is a 3 Phase treatment system that brings a person to optimal physical and emotional balance.  It places emphasis on the interplay between the active and passive mechanisms of both the Central Nervous System (CNS) and the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).  Autonomic reflexes are a programmed set of responses that allow our bodies to function on impulse; in reaction to the many varied stimuli encountered while interacting with the environment that envelopes and influences us.  Countering the autonomic reflexes is the Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS).  While active, this element of our internal function enables us to relax and contemplate new, more effective responses to absorbed stimuli.




We begin by awakening the PNS by using a combination of techniques borrowed from Yogic Therapies, Mindfulness practices, and Universal Spiritual Laws. By encouraging the body to pause   undesired impulses, we are able to identify the root of ineffective posturesattitudes and beliefs developed in defense against circumstances incurred during life’s unfolding. Trauma, physical and/or emotional in nature, is often revealed as the source of undesired patterns of function in the body.  While in this passive state, the influence of traumatic occurrence on the CNS is eliminated.




Now that the cause of the body’s unwanted patterns have been uncovered and neutralized, what remains are the involuntary set of reactions that have been adopted over time to cope with them. At this point, the focus of the healing process is placed on developing an optimal balance between all systems of the mind/body complex.  The ANS can reestablish a healthy set of responses moving forward.  Meanwhile, the PNS is properly integrated to ensure opportunities for the maintenance of internal reflexes at relevant intervals.  Active and passive forces working in opposition towards a shared goal have been returned to harmony.




Long-term efficacy and wellness are born out of this critical phase of rehabilitation.  The time has come to restructure and embolden a new map of neurological pathways by which the complete organism will navigate and thrive into the future. Through an understanding of the relationship between design and function, structural knowledge and alternative movement methods (physical, mental and spiritual), you are gracefully guided through the construction of the ideal environment to support the ongoing pursuit of your goals, passions and desires.

Sounds like the right work for you? 

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