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'I came to Sarah’s work at a time when I needed to make big life changes and like a quiet storm she empowered me to make them and find balance, empathy and gratitude in the process.'

Sir Ari Gold, Recording Artist

'A few years ago I had cervical spine surgery to resolve severe pain from a herniated disc.  To my dismay, last year I began to experience severe neck pain again, as well as sciatica.  I was certain that I needed another round of surgery but my wife, who is a firm devotee of Sarah, convinced me to give her a shot before considering “the knife” solution.  Sarah felt strongly that my issues could be resolved through a carefully designed regimen of Pilates training and, to my surprise, after only a few sessions I became pain-free.  I also quickly realized that her training would be extremely useful in almost every aspect of my everyday life – from sitting on planes and in movie theaters, to walking with heavy packages and working on the computer etc. With her impressive understanding of the body and her highly personalized training sessions, she has made me increasingly aware of the right and wrong ways to move my body and the repercussions of many of my poor habits.   I’m also happy to say that with her training I now have rock solid abs and much better definition!  Like my wife, I am now a “Sarah devotee” and see my sessions with her as a fundamental component in my overall health regime.'


David, retired Investment Banker


'As a T6 paraplegic, I am confronted with constant pain and many obstacles and frustrations in day to day life. Sarah's confident yet comforting energy allowed me to be open to and eventually learn a new form of pain control. The practice has become a vital part of my existence, and ability to ensure on a daily level...I even pass on the knowledge to my two young sons. Thank you for tools and guidance Sarah.'

Ethan, Philanthropic Entrepreneur

'I can't thank you enough for the time, energy, love and kindness that you put into the work you did with me.  As you know, when we met a few years ago I was in significant pain on a daily basis.  I had spoken to a lot of doctors, surgeons and physical therapists about my lower back and most surgeons told me they wanted to perform surgery, and most physical therapists were ineffective.  I was tired and discouraged when we met, but you changed my life.  It wasn't without time and work and some discomfort, but your techniques and approach allowed me to do the things that I love to do again with strength and confidence.  The things we worked on together will stay with me forever and I regularly work on them on my own, but I attribute so much of my current good physical health to you.'

Evan, Attorney

'I started working with Sarah 5 years ago (now 16 years ago) when searing back pain drove me to seek help.  A serious ski accident from 25 years ago had triggered a slow but steady misalignment of my skeleton. With age, I was moving from occasional to chronic pain.  Sarah said she could help but little did I know that our work together was 
going to open up a whole new level of health, well-being and corporal awareness.  Sarah has a gift.  She understands the body on multiple levels - mechanically, energetically, intuitively and spiritually.  She knows how to "follow the pain" to its source, which may be far from or many layers beneath where it is being felt.  She tries to understand the "history" of the pain and the many forms of "coping" that have ensued.  She has helped me to peel off layers and layers of muscular, skeletal and neurologic responses to the initial accident and subsequent damage.  Her deep tissue massages, body movement exercises and respiration training have helped me to realign my body into a more anatomically correct posture.  It has also permitted me to be largely pain free and/or in good control over my neurological responses.  I have continued on this journey with her far beyond the initial purpose because the healing has been so beneficial and enlightening that I have wanted to go deeper and further.  I have recommended her to many people and feel that she has been instrumental in my outlook on health and well-being.'
                                                                       Roberta, retired Banker and fitness enthusiast


'I have been working with Sarah Gluck for the last 10 (now 17) years with both gyrotonic and pilates. When I came to her I had chronic back problems, some of which were due to a buildup of scar tissue surrounding my sacroiliac. Sarah was able to break down the scar tissue and then, through various movement exercises, restore my back to good health. I am now free of pain, stand straighter, have conquered a severely strained tennis shoulder and feel stronger and better than I did 50 years ago, when I was 26. Since I’m reluctant to assign higher power status to anyone I wouldn’t say that Sarah is a miracle worker, but she comes pretty darn close.'

Harry Moses, Journalist and Filmmaker

'My experience working with Sarah was profound and unexpected.  I am certain the process and results are different for everyone.  But in the simplest terms, I am forever grateful to Sarah, not only for helping to heal my mind and body during a difficult period, but also for helping me to move forward with a greater sensitivity to my mind-body connection.'

Matthew, Photographer

'People always ask me why I know so much about the body. I proudly tell them about my most successful friend Sarah Gluck. My personal healer. I grew up with a father who was a doctor so I am used to having someone close to me there when something is wrong. When my father passed away seven years ago Sarah became that person. The most significant story is when one day I began to experience a debilitating case of vertigo. I could not stand, walk or sit without feeling the world spinning. It was so scary. I went to specialists. No one could help. When one doctor mentioned surgery I called Sarah freaked out. She said come in let me see what I can do. Sarah did some yoga therapy with me, a series of breathing, movements and sound, and an hour or so later I stood up and she asked well how do you feel? I couldn't believe it but after a month of feeling like I was out to sea I was grounded! She said I seemed afraid and asked what was going on? I said what if it comes back? She calmly said ‘ come back and we’ll do it again.’ And happily it hasn't and I am forever grateful.'

Rachel Rabhan, Photographer / Educator


After 2nd class:

'the beauty of it is i would never be doing this if it wasn't you but it feels great for me: mind & body'

After 1st class:

‘Right after my jaw pain was much less but my entire face felt swollen and painful and my lymph nodes were really swollen along my jawline and neck. I massaged them in a downward motion and after about a day it seemed to ease up monday at some point. Yesterday I felt really exhausted and achy. I ended up taking the day off and resting in my bed, rather than sitting at computer at the kitchen table getting nothing done.This morning, after 24 hours sleeping off and on, I am feeling a lot better. I think it released something - it was very strange. It literally came on suddenly and hard within a hour of the session - wow -pretty crazy and powerful!’


After 2nd class:

'My body loves this class. Thank you!'

After 1st class:

‘Thank you so much for class yesterday. The class was exactly what I needed. My hip has been bothering me and the class really worked on it in a very gentle way. Perfect.’

Karen Skurka

‘Thank you for giving class, you truly are a genius of movement!! After class I feel calm, mentally clear, aligned, stable and balanced. During class it’s as if being suspended in space and my body is floating and moving in unknown ways. Sarah has created a method that distills the human body into a small silver marble that spins, rotates and rolls its way to perfect equilibrium. This ultimately causes  the bones, muscles, nerves, and organs to fall into their respective places. Creating positive conditions for injury rehabilitation, opening blocks and releasing toxins.  This class gives the opportunity for the entire body to bring itself into its perfect balance.’


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