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When I had a major injury while in grad school on a summer program in Rome, I quickly found that the movement regimens I had been trained in and that had previously transformed my body and built an incredibly flexible, strong and centered body, were no longer showing the same benefits, and in fact, almost always caused me more pain and the nagging feeling that something just wasn’t right, wouldn’t go away. This forced me to dig deeper into my own toolbox, borrowing from all of my training and understanding of structures, forces moving through a body, how systems work together, and of the human body itself. After teaching myself first to slow down, to really look and then to let go of what I thought I knew and understood in my own body. After many long years of working with my own injured body, and teaching countless clients and students, I have developed The Integral Body Method. This method works to bring the entire mind and body into alignment and communication. It treats the body as one integral whole and develops the interrelationship of all parts that is so often missing. The effect of this method is simply amazing. It has unraveled years and multiple injuries and imbalances. My body is stronger and more open than it ever was and I am able to perform difficult movement tasks with minimal effort.


The Integral Body is a unique method that integrates Pilates, Yogic therapy, Gyrotonic and embodied physics/architecture and Biometaphysical energy healing into a next level regimen that treats the body/mind/spirit complex as one whole integral system. This method addresses the interconnections of this system, from which intense and long-lasting healing and balance can occur. One session will leave you feeling energized, strong and connected. A consistent practice will completely change your relationship to your body. It will create a long, lean and toned body and a clear and calm mind. You can expect very deep healing to occur from old injuries and/or long-term overuse, faulty biomechanics and persistent limitations of the joints, muscles and the mind.


The exercise regimen for today and tomorrow’s world takes into account the integrality of the body/mind/spirit complex. In its natural state, this complex is in a state of ease; pliable, responsive, interconnected, strong, smart and balanced. It doesn’t delineate body parts, muscles, systems, organs, but rather, it all works together for the benefit of the whole. In yesterday’s world we believed the body needed to be pushed to a state of disrepair, to be worked, constructed and formed in a piecemeal way. These beliefs have left us in need of a method that can address the body/mind/spirit complex as a whole. To balance and strengthen its interconnections. The Integral Body is an answer to this calling. It works off the architectural adage of ‘Form Follows Function’. When you treat the body in this holistic way, it heals and balances itself to its natural state of optimum health and balance, utilizing and necessitating every cell, every muscle, every part, small and large, to do its part.


We can learn so much by watching a baby. Babies aren’t born knowing how to walk. They develop this ability, bit by bit. If you watch a baby as it's learning to walk. Watch its feet. They don’t just walk on the bottom of their feet. They don’t discern top, bottom, left and right, they just use the whole thing. All 28 bones are used to feel the ground, to learn to balance and move and integrate with its surroundings. The Integral Body teaches the body how to rediscover this multi-dimensional potential that is inherent within us, it helps us to relearn our infinite potential for strength, healing, resilience and homeostasis. 



                                                                                                                                   - Sarah

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