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Sarah the Practitioner

I am a designer, an architect, an engineer, a teacher, a healer, a mover and an artist. This work found me. Seemingly an accident, and yet, when it did, a peace, a stillness and silent sense of fulfillment penetrated me. All the distractions, melted away, left with complete clarity and focus in each client session, I very soon felt I had uncovered a silent undetected gift. As I followed my curiosity and passion to delve deeper into the mysteries of the human body, and human being as a whole, the more I found that each client and client meeting was wholly unique and surprising. Finally experiencing the state of flow I had envied in other artists, I felt the artist in me had found its medium in other people’s bodies. After over a decade and a half every session commands my greatest attention and I find myself more intrigued and excited by my client’s progress and growth than ever.


Sarah the Movement Engineer


I am educated as an architect, trained and certified in Pilates, GYROTONICⓇ, Kundalini Yoga, Naam Yoga Therapies and in Biometaphysical Medicine and Energy Healing. I specialize in trauma rehabilitation and premise my work on my personal experience and journey of healing a major injury. I help people to use their greatest challenges and source of pain,  as a means to fuel and direct their greatest healing.

I have run my practice as a Movement Engineer since 2001 and co-owned Urban Movement Design (UMD) between 2006-2013 when I decided to start my family and settle back in New York full time from the heavy travel schedule UMD demanded of me. UMD were pioneers in the field of Active and Inclusive design and began our work with the disabled population guiding and assisting wheelchair-bound individuals to become the primary movers in their lives once again, through design. UMD brought movement and healing into the design of the 2010 Winter Olympic Village in Whistler B.C. and into the piazza of Zaha Hadid’s design of the MAXXI Museum of Modern Art & Architecture in Rome, and were exhibited in the MoMA in NY and featured in international publications on architecture and urban design. UMD’s core philosophy draws from the idea that we are products of our environments and in order to see sustained health we must approach it from the outside in as well as from the inside out.



Urban Movement Design debuts UNIRE/UNITE at MAXXI


UNIRE/UNITE | Urban Movement Design


"Urban Movement Design to Transform Hadid's MAXXI for Young Architects Program in Rome"

The Architect's Newspaper

UNIRE/UNITE: Urban Movement Design in the MAXXI piazza


Urban Movement Design debuts UNIRE/UNITE at MAXXI (Young Architects Program) | KARMATRENDZ (

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